Environmental R&D and Engineering Projects
We develop and apply R&D projects for providing solutions in field of environment regarding to the knowledge and experiences of nationally/internationally respected experts from universities together with providing all necessary design and engineering services as consultant on the environmental topics like water, wastewater and waste management, greenhouse gases emissions, carbon trade, emergency planning and integrated wastershed management with our team of experts.


Energy R&D and Engineering Projects
We prepare and carry out R&D projects for providing solutions in field of energy regarding to the knowledge and experiences of nationally/internationally respected experts from universities. We also perform all report writing, managing and engineering tasks of biomass to energy projects, renewable energy projects, energy audits, energy management, energy effiiciency with our team of experts.



Turnkey Plant Construction
We work with our solution partners for civil works, assembly and process design to provide all necessary services to make your project come to life.



Our Values

We are an unaffiliated R&D engineering company established in 2011 in Bogazici University Technopark to transfer academic knowledge to industry…
We are transferring our more than 30 years of academic experience to industry since 2011.
Proof of Work
We are proudly finished significant number of projects from different sectors since our establishment.


Team of Experts
With the team of experts in their field, we are simultaneously providing services in different areas and sectors.


Our Services

As ENGY, we are promising to provide you an excellent service in fields of energy, environment, infrastructure and engineering.

Our areas of operation and services are given below…


Water and Wastewater Management

  • Master Plans for Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Feasibility Reports of Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Reduction and Disposal of Treatment Sludges
  • R&D Services for Clean Manufacturing and Water Management in Industries





Air Quality Management and Flue Gas Treatment Technologies

  • Air Quality Modelling
  • Pollution Distribution Mapping Studies
  • Clean Air Planning Projects and Consultancy
  • Flue Gas Treatment Technologies and Consultancy
  • Education/Training on Legislation




Investments of Environmental and Energy Technologies

  • R&D Assistance for Alternative Environmental and Energy Technologies
  • Design and Management on Environmental and Energy Projects
  • Waste-to-Energy





Waste Management

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Management of Packaging Wastes
  • Sanitary Landfilling of Wastes
  • Waste Incineration





Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Evaluation

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Environmental Management Planning (EMP)
  • Environmental Status Reports
  • Re-integration to Nature
  • Environmental Laws Consultancy
  • Environmental Risk Analysis




Environmental Authorization/Licensing Consultancy

  • Planning Environmental Management
  • Regular Auditing
  • Report Preparation
  • All Procedures for Environmental Permits and Licenses





Integrated Watershed Management

  • Management of Point and Diffused Pollutant Sources
  • Research and Development Studies on Water Quality Management
  • Water Quality Modelling
  • Improving Water Quality Control Strategies
  • Emergency Planning





Carbon Inventory and Energy Management

  • GHG Emission Inventory and Carbon Footprinting
  • Consultancy on Validation and Certification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (ISO 14064 Standard)
  • Energy Management Systems (EN 16001 Standard)
  • Impact Assessment on Sustainable Development





Infrastructure Projects

  • Water Transmission Line Projects
  • Drinking Water Supply Network Projects
  • Sewer System Projects
  • Rain Water Projects
  • River Reclamation Projects
  • Marine Disposal Projects





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