Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

  • Solid Waste Management R&D Services
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Project Design and Consultancy
  • Consultancy for Solid Waste Reuse, Recycle, Composting and Disposal Technologies
  • Solid Waste Transfer Stations, Collection Centres, Recycle and Disposal Plants Construction Controls
  • Improving Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategies, Economical Evaluation, Cost Analysis and Consultancy
  • Solid Waste Management Inspection, Internal Audit, Environmental Licence Procedures and Reporting
  • Disposal Plants Operating Plans
  • Risk and Hazard Management, Emergency Plan Preparation
  • Technical and Administrative Tender Specifications Preparation
  • Solid Waste Management Legislation and Environmental Officer Training
  • Technical Support and Construction Control Consultancy
  • Development and Application of Waste Management and Monitoring Plans in Industry and Local Administrations
  • Leachate and Landfill Gas Management
  • Rehabilitation of Former Landfill Areas and Consultancy

Hazardous Waste Management

  • Hazardous Waste Management R&D
  • Feasibility Reports Preparation and Project Design
  • Disposal Plant Site Selection
  • Temporary and Intermediary Storage, Recycle/Disposal Plant, Environmental Licence
  • Hazardous Waste Financial Liability Insurance Procedures
  • Determination of Waste Amounts
  • Waste Declaration and Transport Forms Editing
  • Reporting Services
  • Preparing Emergency Plans
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Education/Training on Legislations

Medical Waste Management

  • Medical waste management R&D Services
  • Preparing Feasibility Reports
  • Reporting Medical Waste Quantities and Projections
  • Preparing Waste Management Plans
  • Preparing Operational and Emergency Plans
  • Medical Waste Processing (Sterilization), Temporary Storage Plants, Disposal Plants, Environmental Licence Procedures, Reporting Services
  • Risk and Hazard Management
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Educations and Trainings

Management of Packaging Wastes

  • Planning of Packaging Waste Management
  • Project Design and Reporting
  • Packaging Wastes Environmental Licence Procedures
  • Declaration and Documentation of Recycling and Reusing Packaging Waste
  • Recycling Plant Construction and Operation, Technical Consultancy
  • Public Information, Education and Consultancy

Management of Waste Oils

  • R&D for Waste Oil Management
  • Waste Oil Management Plans
  • Waste Oil Collection, Transportation, Processing and Disposal Plants Authorization and Licensing; Preparation of Technical Compliance Reports
  • Analysis and Categorization of Waste Oils
  • Refining and Regeneration of Waste Oils
  • Energy Recovery Processes
  • Collection and Temporary Storage of Waste Lubricating Oils
  • Preparing Emergency Plans
  • Education/Training on Legislation

Special Wastes Management

  • Planning Special Waste Management
  • Feasibility Reports and Project Design
  • Consultancy on Management of Mine Waste, Waste Batteries and Accumulators
  • Management of Obsolete Vehicles and Tires, Consultancy
  • Management of Electrical and Electronical Wastes, Consultancy
  • Education and Training

Sanitary Landfilling of Wastes

  • Management of Sanitary Landfill Facility
  • Site selection for Sanitary Landfill Facilities
  • Feasibility Reports and Project Design
  • Environmental Authorization and Licencing for Sanitary Landfill Facilities
  • Preparing Emergency Plans
  • Rehabilitation of Former Landfill Areas and Consultancy
  • Education/Training on Legislation

Waste Incineration

  • Management of Incineration and Co-Incineration Plants
  • Site Selection of Plants
  • Project Design of Incineration Plant
  • Operation and Improvement of Incineration Plants
  • Environmental Authorization/Licensing Procedures
  • Preliminary Incineration Planning, Reporting
  • Education/Training on Legislation